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.uk Domain Names

Get straight to the point with .uk



What are .uk domain names?

The official domain of the United Kingdom, dot uk is short, sharp and a clean slate for digital natives and pioneers looking for a fresh take on the web.

When the .uk domain name first hit the market, many owners of a related third-level domain (like or had first right of refusal on the matching dot uk. Five years later, any reserved .uk domain names that hadn’t been claimed were released for open registration.

It’s a second chance to get your first choice of .uk domain names and define yourself as modern, dynamic and credible. And consider registering the,, and versions as well. This will protect your brand from copycats and expand your digital footprint.

Your perfect domain name is waiting.

With hundreds of new domain extensions coming to the web, finding an address that fits your business is easier than ever. Keep it simple with .uk.

What are the benefits of Pre-registering a .uk domain name?

Competition for some of the new domains is likely to be intense. Pre-registering a domain name might give you an advantage over others wishing to register the exact same domain name. And while there are millions of previously restricted .uk domains releasing, there is only one, or Much like standing in line for tickets, the earlier you get there, the more likely you are to get the seat you want.

Can I Pre-register a domain that’s already been Pre-registered?

Yes. If more than one person pre-registers the same domain at GoDaddy, all applicants will be invited to a private auction to decide who gets it.

Is a Pre-registration binding?

A pre-registration is not considered binding if it is cancelled before the phase pre-registered for is scheduled to turn live (see example explanation below). In these cases, we’ll happily refund your domain registration fee.

Example: A regular pre-registration is made for a domain on 25/5/2019. The regular Pre-registration phase is due to turn live to General Availability on 1/7/2019. A pre-registration made in this case is considered to not be binding if cancelled prior to 1/7/2019. It potentially becomes binding on 1/7/2019, should the domain be awarded to the applicant.

Does Pre-registering a domain guarantee I’ll get it?

No. Pre-registering a domain reserves your place in our queue for that domain. The instant the registration phase opens, we’ll submit our list of registrations electronically using our industry-leading technology to give you an edge.

If GoDaddy secures the name and more than one person or company has pre-registered it, all parties will be invited to a private auction to decide who gets it.

Regular Pre-Registration Cases:

There are no application fees for the Regular Pre-Registration phase.

If you are not awarded a domain purchased under this phase, you will receive a full refund of the registration fee.

If you decide to cancel during the allowed “cancellation grace period”, you will receive a full refund of the registration fee.