Will my pricing or billing change when I am moved from Hosted Exchange?

This article does not apply to you if you are converting from a Hosted Exchange reseller account to Office 365 from GoDaddy. Please work with our support team to purchase new mailboxes and to get a refund on your Hosted Exchange plan. If you have any questions, please contact our dedicated support team at 480.463.8838.

The upgrade to Office 365 is free. And there’s no extra cost for the remainder of your Hosted Exchange billing cycle. Even if you’ve just renewed your Hosted Exchange account, nothing will change for the duration of that contract. When your current account term expires, you will start on Office 365 billing.

We’ll continue to use your current payment preferences, that you’ve already established with GoDaddy. You can always make changes to those in your GoDaddy account.

Your Office 365 account is the Online Essentials plan, but you can always upgrade to another plan, at any time. Check out more information on the Office 365 plans.

If you want to add or remove users from your account, your Upgrade Specialist Team can help, after your upgrade is complete. Call them at 480.463.8838.

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