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Why hasn't Website Protection Site Scanner scanned my site?

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Website Protection Site Scanner scans your website every 24 hours for malware, phishing exploits, and more than 3,000 common vulnerabilities and security flaws. If you recently set up your account, allow up to 24 hours to see results.

If Site Scanner does not scan your site after 24 hours, you might need to verify that you control the website. Follow the steps in the Notice message that displays when you log in to your Site Scanner account, or see Verifying Website Control for Website Protection Site Scanner for more information.

If you successfully verify your website and Site Scanner does not complete a scan within 24 hours, please contact support or submit a request for help. A security advisor can help you determine what's causing the delay. Your hosting provider might block the types of scans and tests that Site Scanner performs. If that's the case, they might need to set up exceptions for the IP addresses Site Scanner uses. Please see

for more information.

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