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What are basic storefront pages?

Your Online Store includes four basic "storefront" pages: Home, How We Got Started, Contact Us, and Terms & Conditions. You can rename and customize them, but they can't be deleted. You may also add more blank/link pages, which can be deleted if you like.

Home Page: This page acts as a welcome mat for your house. Keep it clean and simple so your visitors can focus on your products.

How We Got Started This page is called Our Story in navigation but not on page editor. Your story is personal, so use this page to help customers get to know your business and what your products represent. Consider these questions when creating the page's content:

  • What inspired you to create your Online Store?
  • Why are you selling these particular products?
  • What values does your company represent?
  • Who are the folks behind your Online Store?

There's no need to reveal compromising information, but offering general details about your background can forge a more personal connection with customers. You also can rename the page and use it for another purpose.

Contact Us: Tell your customers the best way to contact you. You can enable the page's contact form to enter specific phone numbers, email addresses, or street addresses.

To collect customer contact information, select the Enable contact form checkbox and enter an email address where you want form submissions sent. You also can rename this page and use it for another purpose.

Terms & Conditions: Protect yourself from legal issues with the Terms & Conditions page. A link to this page appears in your site's footer.

We try to eliminate the headache of creating terms by providing sample terms with your business information inserted. The terms cover a variety of categories, including copyright, trademarks, privacy policy, taxes, and warranties. Edit any of the text to suit your needs.

Blank and Link Pages: You can create up to 10 new, customizable blank pages or pages that link to a specific URL where you want your visitors to be sent. Store navigation can also be added to include up to 10 menu items, although extra items can only be added as links since they won't display in navigation.

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