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Web Stores comparison guide

Use this guide to help select which Web Store platform you'd like your commerce site to be built on. A Design Consultant will also help you make this decision. Contact a consultant at (480) 463-8344.

Feature Standard Store (OLS) Premium Store (WP + WooCommerce)
(For example, slider images on the home page.)
Create Customer Accounts
(Let your customers log-in to their account on your site so they can view purchases and save their profile information.)
Custom Checkout Fields
(Change existing fields, make certain fields required or create custom fields.)
Customer Wishlist
(Allow guests and customers to create wish lists to save items for a later purchase.)
Roles Management
(Create roles for users on the admin side of the site.)
Payment Methods
Paypal Express
(Allow customers to checkout with PayPal.)
(Accept credit card payments through Stripe payment gateway.)
Bulk Import of Products
(Import several products at once.)
Category Display Sorting
(Group products into categories and sort for display.)
Custom Product Options
(Create product options such as size and color.)
Featured Products
(Mark products as featured and sort for display.)
Multiple Images Per Product
(Include a gallery of several images for each product.)
Product Reviews
(Accept and display product reviews.)
Product Variations (Configurable Products)
(Add images or pricing to products with specific attributes.)
Custom Product Attributes
(Create searchable/sortable descriptive attributes for products.)
Advanced Product Filtering
(Filters products by a particular attribute.)
Cloud Zoom
(Mouseover zoomed view of product.)
Compare Products
(A customer can compare multiple products at once.)
Downloadable Products
(Manage and sell digital products.)
Product Add-Ons
(Add custom option fields, checkboxes, radio buttons, select boxes, file uploads.)
Product Page Tabs
(Tabs that give more info about each product, like descriptions, and reviews.)
Product Slideshow
(Display of rotating images for a single product.)
Coupon Codes (% off, $ off, Free Shipping)
(Accept coupon codes to apply discounts on purchases.)
Different Currencies
(Offer different currencies on products for purchases made in different countries.)
Inventory Tracking
(Track and manage inventory in your store.)
(A reporting dashboard showing sales related data.)
Schedule Sale Pricing
(Schedule when sales will begin and end.)
Dynamic Pricing
(Offer bulk discounts for amount of a product purchased, or the total of a sale.)
Up Sell & Cross Sell
(Suggest products too buy based on previous customer purchases or related products in a product's page.)
Value Added Tax Calculation
(Tax included in total price for products purchased using a currency from the EU.)
Custom Tax Classes/Rates
(Set up custom tax rates for products.)
Flat Rate Shipping
(Include the option for flat rate shipping on your products.)
Invoice/Packing Slip Printing
(Invoice/slip printed from the admin panel in your shop.)
USPS Shipping Quotes
(Real-time USPS shipping quotes.)
UPS Shipping Shipping Quotes
(Real-time UPS shipping quotes.)
Local Pickup
(Allow customers the option to pickup in-store.)
FedEx Shipping Quotes
(Real-time FedEx shipping quotes on your products.)

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