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Professional Email Help

Using settings in Professional Email

The settings for Professional Email can be managed by selecting the settings gear in the upper-right corner and then selecting Settings from the menu.
select settings

Basic settings

Customize your default language, time zone, and how your email looks.


Edit the account name, the default name that appears when you compose emails, and folder organization.


Add or remove emails from your trusted mail senders list and choose whether to allow externally linked images to automatically load.

  • Active clients: View the active sessions for your mailbox. Select Sign out from all clients to sign out of all devices and clients.


Customize your default settings when composing and receiving email. Set up your Vacation Notice (Auto Reply) settings and set up Auto Forward which can be used to direct all incoming messages to another mailbox.

  • Compose: Format emails, and select default font styles, and forwarding preferences.
  • Signatures: Create or edit signatures.
  • Filter Rules: Add or edit rules to filter incoming email.


Subscribe to shared calendars, as well as set the working time view, birthday calendar, and default settings for reminders.

  • Favorite Timezones: Select time zones that are frequently used and add them to a list for easy access.

Address Book

Manage your contact information and customize your contact profile. Customize your name display (First name, Last name or Last name, First name) when composing email. Add an optional map display of a saved contact's postal address from your address book.


Manage your widget (like Inbox, Appointments, or My Tasks) settings such as appearance order and color.


Specify when you receive email notifications and manage your shared task folders to stay synced with your team or clients.


Manage and refresh your subscribed address books to keep updated with your folder subscriptions.

Note: For more help with managing your settings, select the help icon on the top right.
select help

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