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Use SPF records to prevent spoofing and ensure mail delivery

The Sender Policy Framework (or SPF record) is a type of TXT record in a domain's DNS. SPF records verify that email comes from an authorized server for the domain. After you send a message, the receiving server checks if it comes from an IP address authorized by the DNS as a safeguard against imitators.

Required: Keep in mind that your domain can only have one TXT record for SPF. If multiple SPF records are found on your domain, or if the SPF record has syntax errors, your email might not be delivered.

Why are SPF records important?

SPF records help protect against spoofing, which occurs when spammers send fake messages that appear to be from you to trick recipients into sharing sensitive information. They also prevent your messages from being marked as spam or rejected, since your mail is verified as legitimately coming from you.

How does an SPF record work?

Here's how an SPF record works for Paul when he emails a customer:

  1. The email server with an IP address of sends a message from to
  2. The server for checks the SPF record for
  3. The SPF record for allows delivery from the IP address and the customer receives the message.

What is my SPF record?

Workspace Email, Professional Email, and Microsoft 365 from GoDaddy use the following SPF record:

v=spf1 -all

This means only the servers that allows can send mail as your domain. Receiving mail systems will check that the message comes from an allowed server before it can be delivered.

If your domain, DNS and email are in the same GoDaddy account, we'll add the SPF record for you and you won't need to do a thing. If they're with a third-party email or hosting provider, you'll need to manually add the SPF record. Configuring SPF records is not part of our Statement of Support, and you'll need to contact the other provider for help.

How should my SPF record look?

Your SPF record might look different depending on how you want it to behave. If you send mail using multiple email services (like third-party email marketing products), your SPF record needs to include those services as well. Contact your provider to find out what their SPF record should be.

Your SPF record should look like the image below. The area outlined in red is where you'll include settings for third-party products and services in addition to To learn more about SPF record syntax, visit the SPF project.
SPF record syntax

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