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Receive a commission from my Reseller plan

After you setup your Reseller account, you'll be ready to start selling products and earning commission.

Resellers receive commission at the end of every month for the previous month's earnings. For example, the commission you earned during December will be paid out at the end of January. Commissions will not be paid out until you have reached the minimum payment threshold for your payee's payment method. If you have not reached that minimum, your commission will roll over to the next month until the threshold is met.

Note: Not all payment options are available in every country, due to payment restrictions within each country.

Payment Method Threshold Fee per Payment Supported Region
PayPal® $25 $0.10 US and International
Wire transfer $25 $26 US only
ACH (direct deposit) $10 $0.90 US only
Wire transfer $25 $20 + 2-3% International only
eCheck $25 $5 + 1-3% International only

Note: Some payment restrictions may apply to some currencies and will require a minimum threshold of $1030.

Next steps

  • If you didn't receive a commission payment, make sure your payee account is properly setup.
  • Or check your Commissions Report for the previous month to verify you met the payout threshold.

More info

  • GoDaddy may be required to remit withholding tax on commissions. The withholding tax is listed on your commission report.

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