Move my WordPress site automatically

If you have a WordPress site with another company, you can move it to your Basic, Deluxe, Ultimate, or Developer Managed WordPress account using the built-in migration tool.

Note: If you have a Pro Managed WordPress account (available U.S.A. and Canada only), use these instructions instead.

Note:Your Managed WordPress plan includes a certain number of websites - for example, a Basic account can have one website. If your plan doesn't have any more sites available, you need to remove a site from the plan, or purchase an additional plan, before beginning these instructions.

Prepare your site for migration

Before you begin, make sure your site can be migrated and that you have all of the server information you need.

Eligible sites

You can migrate a site from any company or host unless it has:

Server information

To perform the migration, you need the following information from your current host:

  • FTP username and password
  • WordPress admin username and password
  • Host location or IP address
  1. Log in to your GoDaddy account.
  2. In your My Products page, next to Managed WordPress Websites, click Manage All.
  3. Click Add Site.
    click add site to managed wordpress

    Note:If you see You don't have any available sites, click Buy New Plan to purchase an additional plan, or click Cancel to return to your list of WordPress websites.

  4. From the list of Your existing plans, select the Managed WordPress plan you want to use for the migrated site and then click Next.

    Note:If you have only one site available, we'll automatically select that plan for you and you won't see a list of your plans. Continue with the next step.

  5. Click I'm migrating an existing site, then click Get Started.
    Click I'm migrating an existing site, then click Get Started
  6. Fill out the remaining fields to get your site migrated.

We'll send an email when we're finished migrating your site.

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