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How do I use Exchange with my Microsoft 365 add-on?

Now that you've moved from Workspace Email to Microsoft 365, you have access to email add-ons. To use your new add-on, you'll need to switch your account settings to Microsoft Exchange. Here are commonly asked questions about switching to Exchange settings.

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How do I change my email settings?

Here's how to change your settings from POP or IMAP to Exchange. Be sure to switch to Exchange settings on all devices used to check email.

Why won't POP or IMAP settings work?

Your add-on works by interacting with the Exchange server to connect to email. This means that for the add-on to work, all email addresses on your domain must be set up as Exchange in their email clients (like Outlook or Gmail).

For example, if Jane and Paul have two accounts, and, and they both check email on their phone and desktop, they'll need to use Exchange settings on their four devices for the add-on to work correctly.

Are Exchange settings secure?

Keeping your data secure is essential to running your business and maintaining your customers' trust. To help protect your email from malicious activity, we're switching from POP/IMAP to the more secure Exchange servers. With Exchange, you'll get the latest security features, including anti-malware and anti-spam filtering.

We also recommend enabling multi-factor authentication (MFA) as another safeguard against attackers.

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How does Exchange differ from POP or IMAP?

Exchange, POP (POP3), and IMAP (IMAP4) are all ways to access email delivered to your inbox.

With POP, your email is downloaded from the server to a single device. If you check email using multiple devices, you'll have duplicate copies of downloaded messages, and you won't be able to see sent messages from other devices. Unlike POP, IMAP lets your email client update messages on the server, so if you delete a message, it's deleted from the server and you won't have duplicates. However, since your email is stored on the IMAP server, only messages sync to and from your email client.

Exchange prevents these limitations since your email, contacts, calendars, and other data sync across clients and devices. You can also quickly share documents and calendars with your team.

Is my email client compatible with Exchange?

Your Microsoft 365 email can be accessed from many different desktop and mobile clients. Outlook 2013 for Windows (versions 15.0.4971.1000), Outlook 2016 for Windows and Mac (versions 16.0.4600.1000 or higher), and Outlook 2019 for Windows and Mac all support Microsoft 365 Exchange settings.

If you don't have one of these clients available, you can check your email using Outlook on the web. You'll continue to access your account using email.your-domain.tld. For example, if your domain is, your web-based email URL is

You can check your email using the same email address and password as you did with Workspace Email.

How do I use my new add-on?

After purchasing an add-on, you'll receive an email from us that includes how to set up your password and sign in to your add-on. Your username and password don't need to match your GoDaddy or email account.

  • For Advanced Email Security, all users will receive an email to help them sign in.
  • For Email Archiving and Email Backup, only admins will receive this email.

Once you've set up your add-on, you can access it from the Email & Office Dashboard.

To learn more about accessing your specific add-on, see our articles on Advanced Email Security, Email Archiving, or Email Backup.

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