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Step 1 of the Migrate my WordPress site manually series.

To manually migrate your WordPress site, you need to download the site files in the wp-content folder. This folder contains the theme, plugins, images, and other media for your site. How you do this depends on your current host. For example, if you have a GoDaddy Linux Hosting account, you can use the cPanel File Manager, or an FTP app like FileZilla.

These steps assume you're moving away from Linux-based hosting with cPanel (like many WordPress users).

  1. In cPanel, open the File Manager.
  2. In the directory tree on the left, select public_html. This is typically where your site will be stored on most Linux-based servers.
  3. In the file list on the right, select wp-content. If your site is installed in a different folder, you can find that info in the details for the site in Installatron.
    where is the wp-content folder
  4. From the top menu, select Compress.
  5. Under Compression Type, select Zip Archive, and then select Compress Files.
    select compress files
  6. After the file manager creates, close the compression results box. You should see the new zip file in the list. If not, select Reload to refresh.
  7. Select and then select Download. The zip file is copied to the default download location on your computer.
    download zip file
  8. On your computer, find that file and unzip it. (For macOS or for Windows)

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