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SSL Certificates Help

Does GoDaddy support third-party SSLs on its products?

Our third-party SSL support varies depending on the product. Keep in mind, by "support" we mean only that customers can install the SSL certificate themselves — GoDaddy does not assist with the installation itself.

If you need help determining which kind of shared hosting account you have, see What type of hosting account do I have?

Product Third-Party SSL Support
Website Builder Not supported
Quick Shopping Cart Not supported
Online Store Not supported
Other GoDaddy website applications Not supported
Web & Classic Hosting Not supported
cPanel Shared Hosting Supported (more info)
Plesk Shared Hosting Supported (more info)
Managed WordPress Not supported
VPS Supported (DIY/Expert Services)
Dedicated Servers Supported (DIY/Expert Services)
Managed Hosting Supported
Assisted Service Plan Supported
Self-Managed Servers Supported (DIY/Expert Services)
Managed Servers Supported (DIY/Expert Services)
Fully Managed Servers Supported

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