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Here's a list of the most frequented Help articles about domains. Use it as your guide — from registering your domain to changing its DNS zone files.

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Background info Essential tasks
Connect your domain Forwarding
Parking Renewals
Transferring Change of account
Privacy and Protection Subdomains
DNS Nameservers

Background info

Learn more about domains (Back to top)

Essential tasks

Essential tasks to maintaining your domain (Back to top)

Connect your domain

Connect your domain to another website (Back to top)


Forward your domain to a different website (Back to top)


Park your domain until you're ready to use it (Back to top)


Automatically or manually renew your domain name (Back to top)


Transfer to or away from GoDaddy (Back to top)

Change of account

Learn how to move a domain from one GoDaddy account to another (Back to top)

Privacy and Protection

Add Privacy and Protection to your domain for greater security (Back to top)


Learn how subdomains work and how to use them (Back to top)


Get more technical with DNS zone files (Back to top)


Learn how to move a domain from one GoDaddy account to another (Back to top)

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