Own your online identity.
Lily used to send people to Facebook.com/lilys.bike.shop.5 to see her page. Then she registered LilysBikeShop.com and pointed it to her Facebook page with a single click. 

Control what visitors see.

  1. Register YourName.com then point it to any website, blog or page you control.
  2. Forward it to your Facebook page with a single click.
  3. Change where it takes visitors any time.

Your questions, our answers

What is a Personal Domain?

A personal domain is a custom web address that allows you to direct visitors anywhere you want. Register www.YourName.com then forward it to any website, blog or page you control. There’s no limit to how many personal domains you may have.

What if I already have a Domain? 

Put it to good use by forwarding it to your Facebook page. Domain forwarding is simple and takes less than 2 minutes to do. When anyone types your domain into a browser, they’re automatically taken to the site you specify. Do it now