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Installing DNN (formerly DotNetNuke) on GoDaddy Hosting

DotNetNuke is now called DNN. When I try to find it in the applications GoDaddy offers DNN does not exist. I do find DotNetNuke however.


The version that is available is 7.0.6. Version History says it is 3 years old. Is there anything I can do to get version 8 installed into my shared hosting? Has anyone done that? DNN is critical to my plans and I want to start from the current version if possible.


Can I Install DotNetNuke in my Root Folder? | Web & Classic Hosting is sure scary. It implies that everyone that goes to a DNN site hosted by GoDaddy must wait to be redirected. I hope that is a misunderstanding and not true.


I am still not sure how DNN portals work (as in Setting Up DotNetNuke Portals with Windows Shared Hosting) although I have read a book about DNN. That is a separate subject but if someone has experience with that then I am curious about it.