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website issues please help !!

hi guys


i really hope someone can help, my website shows a white page when you try to load it, i contacted GoDaddy and they said IP address from domain is not pointing, so I have checked this and it is pointing.


They can't see anything wrong with the hosting and 123reg who my domain is with, cannot see anything wrong with them.

Can anyone please help ?? I'd really appreciate it.


Kind Regards


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your DNS are 123's so the servers are functioning correct, so I would say listen to support!! But see note below:


(as a side note, I had a very bad experience with 123, I canceled my account by online live chat. Six months later they succeeded in taking more money from my account. Not only that but they had the cheek to add on services I hadn't even asked for. They said I hadn't canceled and had asked for services I clearly didn't need, such as their version of website builder. I had the last laugh though, I had copied and saved the transcript from the chat and also the confirmation email. My bank didn't treat them very kindly shall we say!!)