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Renewed my domain and now cpanel wont work



I renewed my CPanel late last year but I did not renew my domain at that time. My CPanel is valid until late this year.


This month I got an email telling me that my domain had expired and I should renew it asap before someone else grabs it. So I renewed it. It is now valid until next year.


I had assumed that the original CPanel + Domain name setup would resume since I have not altered my domain, just renewed the original one, but it hasn't. I've tried going into my CPanel settings and applying it to my domain name, but it doesn't change anything. My site is down. And when I go into "manage my domains" it tells me that I need to buy CPanel hosting for my domain... So blooming tired of this.


All I want is for my Cpanel to be applied to my domain,, and to be able to access the wordpress backend of the site to start putting my portfolio back up. Is anyone able to help?

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Re: Renewed my domain and now cpanel wont work



Who did the email come from? 


Your domain is not registered with godaddy, this may help you figure it out. You would need to point your name servers to godaddy. But you will still need to have a hosting plan in place, which it appears you say you have? If not, then you would at least need a basic hosting plan.


Get in touch with your registration service provider if you need any further help,

or phone up Godaddy support.


Hope this helps you.

Re: Renewed my domain and now cpanel wont work

Your assumption that the original cPanel + Domain name setup would resume was reasonable, and usually correct.


For what it's worth, your domain IS registered with GoDaddy, and your domain has very few DNS records publicly available - I'm not sure if that makes any difference but it's odd for sure.


Your site is apparently still down, though.  I don't think you have to come here, you can call GoDaddy and get this kind of thing resolved quickly with tech support.


The simplest explanation is that when your domain reactivated the DNS information didn't change back and they should be able to get things back in line for you very quickly.