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Please contact me or email me

I would like to cancel all package i bought accept domain name registed.
Because i think i am happy and convenience to use your service.
I stay aboard and dont have much knowledge about to setup and when i met the problem it's hard to solve it. I must do and run my business. So think 6-8 hours are precious to us. But 2 days for wasting my time. Nothing run of the website. So i think your services are not support me with quality enough. Please do a cancel process package and make a refund to me for me.
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Re: Please contact me or email me

Hi @iampeepo,

I understand your frustration and think it's maybe just a language barrier to a problem that may be easy. A great service by google is


It will make describing how to set up your site and any problems so much easier. Bookmark it so it's always to hand. If we then can't help you get your site set up, then go ahead and contact support and if you use the live chat (Arizona local time 5am 6pm) and have two windows open, one with live chat representative and one with google translate, it will be much easier for you.

Have ready a brief description for the representative that you are using google translate and they will slow down a bit for you.

best regards.


Also mention "@rammsteinium" in any message directed to me and i will see your reply much easier.

It's very late here in Scotland, so I won't be here again for another 8hrs or so.