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Penetration test

I have a VPS server with Godaddy with WHM , and have some websites of different clients in different Cpanels.
One of them is planning to make a PENETRATION TEST to review the security of his website. 
I would like to know if you have any recommendations to be prepared and specially, to prevent that the other websites don't be affected with the test.

If you are looking for a solution to protect your site (well, your clients site) against attacks, I would recommend to take a look at the WAF provided by the Website Security Deluxe plan here:


If you are not familiar with the WAF terminology, it is a Website Firewall that stands between the Internet and the site and tries to stop any malicious activity before it can do any harm.


A penetration test is an attack simulation activity, that would be blocked as well.


Hope it helps!

Good Day,


I have a similar request, but would like to know if there was no WAF provided by the Website Security Deluxe plan, what would be the Penetration Test result?


Would it fail or pass the Penetration Test?


Do you recommend any application where a Penetration test can be performed?