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Need help changing web site page picture

I need to change the name of the company I work for on my picture of website that I had someone design. Does anyone know how to do that or can direct me to someone to help who wont charge me an arm and a leg. Website is  Thank you.

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Looks like your site in on Joomla?  I would look in the module manager for where this information resides. Since different templates can basically display modules in different ways I'm not exactly sure where the info you are looking for lives.


Now that you are now diving in to the nuts and bolts of your site, becoming familiar with Joomla's modules and how they work will be helpful.   Here's a link to the module documentation.


HTH! 😉

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This looks pretty confusing and not sure I have the time to figure this out. I may just can the site all together if I cant get this changed.