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Moving websites from my VPS in Godaddy

Hi, I'm hosting 4 websites for clients in my VPS with Godaddy.  It is a fully managed service via Godaddy and I pay a lot of money per month for the service.  I've decided to move away from hosting as my business has changed direction.  I need to move these websites out of my VPS and close it down.  Can anyone help me do this please.  I've emailed Godaddy support twice, but have had no response.  Seeing as I'm paying £165 per month, I wished I could get a little support at least!


Would really appreciate some help here!  I've tried changing the name servers to a new host, but the system just won't accept the new name servers.  Thanks in advance!

Helper IV

If you are paying for fully managed support, call them, don't wait for an email reply.

Thanks and I'll take your advice!  I'll phone them tomorrow!  I won't hold my breath though!


Thanks again!