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I Lost my whole my content including public_Html

I here I am going to share something which happen to me ! I lost my data(including public_html folder) in server, I Have a websites live in server, On 1st march,2017 one my client call me his website no more running show him to DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN
Than go to the Server I see there is not available public_html folder everything I lost 
after I try to connect godady customer service, after one hours I can able to get a talk with one of the representative   
its terrible moment with him,when I asked him "can I know how I lost my data ", he replied to me ,"you lost data sir ". me ,"Yes,can i know how I lost data", his replied to me,"you lost data its your own space,its own content so,you are the responsible for this (terribly replied me)
he gave excuse to me you taken rent of house if goes any things from house its your responsive not to me not house owner"
me,"when I lost something in the house (call police) here I lost something who the police right! ?"
He replied to me 
"if you want a backup it will cost is 4999 rs +tax and take upto the week"
Even he not ready to create a my ticket "how i lost my content "
I want to know here anybody help me so,if I wish to get my data back,
I can take care in the future 


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Hi @bluewebinfoway,


It's awful to loose your data like this but is it possibly still on the computer used to create the website?