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How To Change Timezone on a shared server

It seems you cant change timezone on db entries using auto dateTime in phpmyadmin using a shared hosting package. 


Please see helpful convo with chat person from godaddy: 



 we can change it but the thing is at midnight when the server refresh it'll go back to the time zone where you had it initially set up.


 at 15:49, Apr 18:

what do u mean it will change back at midnight?


 at 15:50, Apr 18:

why is this? i dont mind but why do all forums say its possible to change it when it isnt and close off the answers before anyone can say they dont work?





 at 15:51, Apr 18:

I can navigate you on how to do it.


 at 15:51, Apr 18:


do u understand what my problem is? i have a php form that a user fills out that records the date and time... the database records the time as being 7 hours out because your local server isnt set to ucl time its set to usa west coast. 


Justine L.

 at 15:51, Apr 18:

I'm just informing you of it so you won't be surprised.


 at 15:51, Apr 18:

what is point in changing it for a few hours???

Justine L.

 at 15:52, Apr 18:

Yes, I do understand that and that's because the time it's showing is based on the time zone of the data center you originally had set up the hosting platform on.


 at 15:53, Apr 18:

excallant... so i dont want it changing back like cinderella,,i want it to change forever...but i need you to tell me its not possible so i can forget anout it..thx


agents says its not possible.  

Community Manager
Community Manager

Re: How To Change Timezone on a shared server

Hi @babonday, that information is correct.  It is not possible to change the time zone on a shared hosting plan.  The shared hosting servers are all set to the Arizona, USA time zone, and that can not be updated per individual hosting plan.  

If you require that level of access to the server or database configurations, you would need to use either a VPS or Dedicated Server plan.  Thanks.