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Domain name suddenly not resolving

Hi everyone,

I have two domains in my account a primary domain and an Addon domain.

The Addon domain ( ) has suddenly stopped responding and attempts to access it return a dns_probe_finished_nxdomain error in Chrome. I know this means the DNS lookup failed but I haven't touched anything in the DNS settings for the domain so not sure what has happened. It seems like the nameservers that it points too are both fine too.

The only thing I tried to do was add subdomain to it via cpanel. cpanel said it was added fine though I have since deleted it in the off chance that was the issue.

Any advice? Pinging the URL from the command line just returns "unknown host"

Edit: I have tried it from different computers and internet connections just to make sure it wasn't a local problem.


I am facing the same problem with my domain. 
I did not do anything with my DNS settings and all of a sudden it stops working. 
When I try to update any setting in DNS it does not let me do that. 
Godaddy go!
Godaddy go!

So 8 hours later and I still have the error...

Ok I managed to fix this by deleting the addon domain and re adding it.

This leaves the quest though, How can I add a subdomain to addon domain? without breaking everything

Ok I can reproduce this error every time.


1)Add an addon domain to your hosting (one that was bought via godaddy)
2)Add a subdomain to this domain via cpanel's subdomains editor
3)The domain will no longer resolve.

However, The subdomain will resolve.

For example: is my addon domain.
I add a subdomain:
Now, does not resolve.
But, does.

What is happening???


I have the same problem with all my domain, I contacted Godaddy support and they said nothing was wrong. I ask the tech to open a shell and do a DNS server Dig on one of my domains and he ask what a shell and Dig was? I then ask for a Godaddy DNS support tech and was told again nothing was wrong and to check my DNS settings in Cpanel. Lucky I have other DNS servers in other data centers. I'm a new comer to Godaddy but don't think I will be staying long due to their poor technical support.