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Addon Domain Redirecting to Subdomain

I have the Ultimate Linux Hosting with cPanel plan, which is supposed to include addon domains.  However, after following the steps provided on GoDaddy's website, my addon is showing as a subdomain of the primary domain on the cPanel and going straight to the file directory where it's files are contained.  




Re: Addon Domain Redirecting to Subdomain

And so my question is what do you expect "addon domains" to do versus a subdomain? I believe they are the same thing when using a single hosting account. Make sure you have at least the middle tier as well, otherwise your options can be rather limited.

Have you looked at the domain settings/options in cpanel? The root for any website will be under "www" or "public_html" so you'll need to use an FTP or the file manager in cpanel to manually place your website/domain folder into the root and not as a subdirectory of the parent hosted domain.



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Re: Addon Domain Redirecting to Subdomain

GoDaddy states that addon domains should appear as if they were entirely separate from the primary domain.  In there setup steps, it states that the DNS will be automatically updated for this to occur.


If my primary domain is and I add as an addon, then when I enter in a web browser, I should not end up at  Do you see the issue?

Re: Addon Domain Redirecting to Subdomain

Has there been a resolution to this issue? I am now hosting a secondary website, I have a deluxe hosting package, and when i type the secondary website into my address bar it redirects to

Re: Addon Domain Redirecting to Subdomain

I too have same problem,  has anybody got the answer?

Re: Addon Domain Redirecting to Subdomain

Here is how I did it. i bought on google domains. I want to use my godaddy hosting ( I created an addon domain in my godaddy hosting and pointed it to /public_html/ Then created a subdomain and also point it to /public_html/


That worked for me, you probably missed the addon domain part?

Re: Addon Domain Redirecting to Subdomain

I forgot to mention. You also have to go into your main domain/hosting on godaddy, and copy the dns records over to the site you bought your domain from. Godaddy is catching the domain, your domain registerer is sending it. If not, they won't talk to each other.


Re: Addon Domain Redirecting to Subdomain

When the GoDaddy CPanel creates an addon domain, it creates a sub domain to point to it. When it's created automatically, it creates the directory public_html/


To fix it:

1. Go to Sub Domains

2. Change /public_html/ to /

3. Move the directory from the public_html folder to the root folder.



Re: Addon Domain Redirecting to Subdomain

Addon Domains require two things: you must have either the Deluxe or the Ultimate cPanel shared hosting (which you do), and you must own the Addon Domain name (or have administrator access to the DNS records).


Here are the very basic steps

  1. If you do not already own the new Addon Domain, purchase it (or ensure that you have administrator access to its DNS records).
  2. If GoDaddy is not the registrar for your new Addon Domain follow these steps
    • Login to your GoDaddy customer account
    • My Products - Manage All (next to Domains) - DNS tab (top menu) - Add DNS Hosting
    • Fill in Domain Name [] - Next
    • Copy down both name servers from the Name Servers information screen
    • Go to your registrar's site and update your Addon Domain name servers with the GoDaddy name server 1 and 2 information
  3. Login to your cPanel account
  4. Go to Addon Domains (top menu bar)
  5. Fill in New Domain Name [] (do not change default Subdomain and Document Root fields)
  6. If you will access the AddonDomain's files through your Primary Domain's FTP account, uncheck the 'Create an FTP account associated with this Addon Domain' checkbox. If you will be using a CMS or have other FTP users who will need to access the files, select 'Create an FTP account associated with this Addon Domain' checkbox, and complete the FTP user information
  7. Click Add Domain
  8. You may have to wait up to 48 hours for name server modifications (though sometimes, just a few minutes).
  9. Just to quickly confirm everything is working, create a simple html page in notepad and upload it with FTP:

       <!DOCTYPE html>
       <head><title>Site Temporarily Unavailable</title></head>
       <body><h1>Site Temporarily Unavailable</h1></body>

  10. open web browser, enter "" and voila!


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