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404.shtml page returning 200 http code

Google Webmasters is reporting as a soft 404 page.

The page (or any error page) is returning a 200 response.
(Test by entering OR at this website:


How do I get the 404.shtml page, and any error page, to return a proper 404 code?




Re: 404.shtml page returning 200 http code

You'll need to configure Error Pages in your web server (Apache) so it sends a 404 when it cannot find a page.  In cPanel you will find this setting under Manage Hosting > Advanced > Error Pages.  Copy and paste the html from your current 404/error.shtml pages into the Error Page of this section and it will return it with a 404 when it cannot find a page. 


I'm assuming you've created the current pages (error.shtml and 404.shtml) just as you would any other page. The confusion occurs when Apache receives a request for those pages, it searches your web folder and finds the page successfully, hence the 200 response code when it serves the page to the visitor. 

Re: 404.shtml page returning 200 http code

That was it. Thank you!

HTTP: 200 error

I have a problem with the HTTP: 200 code, it say that I have to report this error with my current hosting, but I don´t know where I can do that