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    [Suggestion] Google Tag Manager Code

    Hi team,


    I am using Godaddy Website builder from past 6 months and I am extremely happy with the results, but there one thing that really bugs me that I can't add any tracking code accept google analytics.


    I would request the developers if that is possible to add?


    By adding google tag manager tag would make really help me and I am sure it will help others too.




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    @LoveenGood suggestion!


    @ProductInsights#websitebuilder #headhtml #metatags #javascript #advancedfeatures

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    Super User II

    @LoveenGood suggestion!


    @ProductInsights#websitebuilder #headhtml #metatags #javascript #advancedfeatures

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    @Nate wrote:

    @LoveenGood suggestion!


    @ProductInsights#websitebuilder #headhtml #metatags #javascript #advancedfeatures

    So is it possible?

    It is not currently a feature,  I do not know if it may be added in the future.  They are constantly trying to improve the Website Builder based on customer feedback.

    We pay to build a site, we should have access to html not just the "builder". My site has no metatag data for keywords and I have no way of adding them. Called support and they just give vague statements that are untrue. 

    @scocheThe platform is simplified for beginners.  It's designed for people who just want to add their own content and let the software take care of the code.  The SEO checklist walks you thru the basics.  For the most part the keyword tag isn't very helpful, the actual page content is much more important.

    Lets be honest shall we? Godaddy clearly took the ability to set keywords
    out of the hands of the "beginners" as you say so they could sell it as a
    "feature" that one gets if they pay more. Though I do concede meta tags do
    not carry the weight they once did when it comes to page ranking, search
    engine robots still use them (if chosen relevantly and not abused) to get a
    simple, summarized idea of what a site is about. Every little bit helps
    when it comes to SEO 😉

    @scocheI am unaware of a paid upgrade for this.  How does the bot determine if the keywords are relevant without reading the whole page?

    yep. Wix has a way better platform. I am sick of this, and literally my website can't be seen over my xfinity wifi. HORRIBLE 

    Hi @helloletsgo. Thanks for posting your feedback. Since this is an older thread, it will be closed.


    It sounds like you might be having a separate issue. I'd suggest creating a new topic if you'd like assistance for a technical issue from the Community. Make sure to include relevant information like your domain name. 


    For what it's worth, if you're not able to see a website from only a specific connection, it's most likely an issue with the local network rather than the website itself. Hope that helps. 


    JesseW - GoDaddy | Community Manager | 24/7 support available at x.co/247support | Remember to choose a solution and give kudos.