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    Shipping Integration for the UK?


    I'm building an online store on Godaddy, UK based, I cant see any way to integrate my store to a courier. On each order it also doesn't show product weights. So to book a courier do I need to go back to each item to get its weight, then go to courier website to manually book the item for delivery? This seems like a very long way to do it and is making me regret using Godaddy if it is.

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    Hi @Williams84,


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    If you are not in the US using designated shippers, your option will be to configure weight-based shipping options appropriate to your location. You will need to go to the item for the weight specifics if you do not have that information available to you on a product spreadsheet.The addition of the weight recorded on the order form is a great idea for an addition to direct to our product managers. We'll be happy to pass that along here!







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    Is there a reason the shipping integration is only available in the US? It would be a huge help o online stores, surely of it's possible in the US its possible in other countries too?