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    Multiple and different private pages

    Is there anyway to setup separate private pages? I have one set of customers that will add information and another set that will access the added information. I need a private page for the customer adding information that the other customer can not access. I still want the "view" customers to login to see the information that was added. 

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    Edit "sign-up" pages and emails

    Is there a way to edit the sign-up and set password emails? 

    Can you edit the sign-up and confirmation web pages for enrollment?

    Right not the member only process is clumsy. We send them to a page, they have to enroll, then remember the page they were on. Would like them to login and automatically go to the page they were trying to navigate. Since that is probably not doable, at least place a link to the page on the "sign-in" page. Help!


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    Re: Edit "sign-up" pages and emails

    The members only page feature is extremely basic, it is more intended for situations like if you wanted to create a newsletter for employees only for example.


    You may want to look into a platform with more robust user management.  Something like WordPress can be extended and customized with plugins.  There are many plugins available to control roles and permissions for users.