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    incoming email not coming through

    Hi, our company just purchased a dedicated server from goDaddy, and I am trying to setup our email. We chose the NON managed server, so we are not using cPanel. I have already setup 'postfix' and 'dovecot', and I have tested them successfully on outgoing mail. But incoming mail is a problem, as you are already aware, goDaddy blocks port 25. So while I can send test emails to our server on secure port 587 which is not blocked, this does not help, if our students want to send an email to us using for example their 'hotmail' or 'gmail' account. I know their are services out there that can get around this, such as no-ip's 'mail reflector', I was hoping we did not have to spend any more money, we did after all buy an expensive dedicated server. I am familiar with setting up mx records, if I know what the settings should be in the event goDaddy has incoming mail exchangers that we can use. Unfortunately, their tech support is only aware of the outgoing relay 'dedrelay.secureserver.net'. Does any one know if goDaddy has any incoming relay servers, and if so, what are their host names? Thank you. Ian