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    VPS Server Down



    After installing a CSF firewall, I must have done something wrong because the server is down. Since I'm using managed services, I opened a ticket on friday afternoon. The support team hasn't resolved anything yet, and we really need to find a solution.


    Before installing CSF, I did a instance backup of the server. The option of restoring the backup with the launch button in the admin panel would be of use? The support team tells me to wait since I opened a ticket, but it's been more than 48h. Does someone know if using this button would put things back to normal? Please help

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    If you have a generation 4 vps server, then after installing CSF you need open a couple ports to allow the godaddy hosting dashboard to communicate with your server.  See the help document for details:  Whitelist ports required for my Generation 4 server.

    Hello @scottj and thank you for your answer.


    Case is, I have no access at all to the server, since it's completely down. I can't connect at all to the server, and the only options I have are:
    1. Wait until the support team fixes it with the ticket I opened (37543923)  -> It's been more than 72h already and we are completely stuck with no explanations at all by godaddy team.

    2. Hit the "Restablecer" button (screenshot), and check by myself if the server and restore the backup...


    Do you think it's possible to do option 2? I created a backup, but it's the only thing I can do by myself...


    Thanks for the advice.



    Did the CSF configuration prevent SSH access as well?


    FYI, option 2 will not work as the server backup includes the installation and configuration of your firewall.  So doing a server restore from that backup would restore the server to the same state and problem you have now.  If you had an older backup prior to installing and configuring the firewall, that will work to regain access.


    Sorry for the delayed response.  Looks like your ticket is already resolved, but answered in hopes it helps others in your situation.