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WooCommerce site loading slowly. What should I do?

my woocommerce site very very slow loading time 13s

my site: BUYUK2BD.COM

Last time i spoke to godady team memebr, he adviced to upgrade my account, so i did Ultimate Web Hosting Linux.

Still no help, please advice.

Super User I



While hosting can have a negative impact on speed, site structure, coding and images can also slow down a site.


For example I ran a speed test on your domain and got an A.  But when I ran the same test on one of your products and we dropped to an F.


2 of the 3 Fs were for image issues which are easily resolved...


Serve scaled images

Optimize images


You can see the details at the above links.   Once you get those issues resolved, run a retest.


You also noted "unable to function properly".  Are you receiving any specific error messages?  Would need more details on that...


HTH! 😉


"Broken crayons still color." Anon