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Why work with a Godaddy Pro?



Never have been described as shy or anything less than spontaneous I have just published my FIRST youtube video / slideshow! Long time overdue!

What it basically (and it is pretty basic but please be kind, I code sites not make blockbuster movies.)

is about is some of the benefits of working with a Pro (obviously I don't make videos for a living!!).

The link is here guys:

Reasons to work with a Pro 🙂  aka @Anonymous</a>


I kept the video short and sweet because I wasn't even sure I would **bleep** up somewhere along the way......... a bit experimental you could say Cat Happy No stopping me now Cat Happy!!



Re: Why work with a Godaddy Pro?

Where do I sign-up to work with you guys?
Community Manager
Community Manager

Re: Why work with a Godaddy Pro?

Hi @edgar_red_2017,

Are you looking for a professional website developer to help you with a project? If so, please send me a private message and I'll try to find you some options. 



Re: Why work with a Godaddy Pro?


Excellent Review .
I m interested in Godaddy WP manged Hosting. But i m 100% confused on their PHP memory Limit.
“I have a WP theme. The theme required php memory 96M to function smoothly”.
On the other hand Godaddy WP managed Hosting offer just 64M memory.
Do you have an idea, how to solve this problem. I need permanent solution.
Hope you will help me in this regards.


Helper I
Helper I

Re: Why work with a Godaddy Pro?

Hey @BitGid,


You need to download FileZilla. Once you are connected to your server, then you must:

1. Increase max_input_vars

2. Increase memory_limit


You can also contact me through DM or GoDaddy provides a service called WP Premium Support:


All the best.