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White screen of death

Hi there,


My website is experiencing the white screen of death and I am unable to access the login page to my Wordpress site as it is also blank. I've been reading various help guides and they advise disabling plugins via the cPanel or FTP but I can't access these either as I only have a Wordpress managed plan through GoDaddy. I'm confused as to how I can resolve this?


When I click on the 'manage' option for my website within the GoDaddy dashboard the screen just goes blank too.


Any help would be much appreciated!

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Re: White screen of death

Here are the steps to use FTP with a Managed WordPress plan.


Re: White screen of death

Hi Nate - thank you for replying, I will take a look 🙂

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Re: White screen of death

It's almost certainly a plugin or theme causing the issue.


Here are some troubleshooting links that will be helpful.


Troubleshoot and fix theme errors.

Troubleshoot and fix plugin errors.

Troubleshoot and fix WP core errors.


Temporarily turning on the wp-debug will help tell you what, exactly, is causing the issue.


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Re: White screen of death

I have two websites uploaded on a server. I upgraded to a server with 4GB of Memory 

Tonight I was adding some plugins to one site, while adding basic word press entries on the other. All of a sudden the one where I was just adding word press entries is a white screen.  I've tried various web browsers with the same result.  I haven't adjusted anything on the site that isn't showing up except for basic entries.  I tried deleting recent entries to see if that helped and it didn't. I am now restoring the backup from earlier today to see.  Could this be caused by the additions on the other site?