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Using Mins Theme, What Can I Add to Additional CSS to Move This?

Hi there,


I'm using the Mins theme included with my Go Daddy server and I'm really struggling with the lack of customization for the header. I need to move the Hero Text to the left side of the header instead, but I can't figure out what to add to make that happen.



Full Picture:


I'd also be interested in knowing how to entirely remove the header area if anyone knows how i'd do that as well.

Helper II
Helper II

Re: Using Mins Theme, What Can I Add to Additional CSS to Move This?

Hello there and welcome to GoDaddy!


Your problem is very simple, if you know how to use Google Chrome Dev Tools then you can fix it easily. Anyway, is there custom CSS editor included in your GoDaddy Server? If yes, then we can save custom CSS to your website and add advance CSS customization.


Here's the simple way to remove the header as you requested.

1. Press F12 or CTRL+SHIFT+I to open Dev Tools.
2. Click this mouse cursor icon in the Dev Tools. (See Picture Below)

Click here:

3. After that, highlight the header and select it using the mouse.

4. Go to the CSS editor in Dev Tools. (See Picture Below)

5. Then input this;

display: none;

6. If that works, then this is the next step you should do. Go to the element you're highlighting.

7. Right-click on the element that selects the header on your website, Choose "Copy Selector." (See Picture Below)
8. Then after that, go to your CSS editor where you can add some CSS codes to your website.
9. Now paste the selector on that editor and follow this.

#selector > .of > .the > div.element {
   display: none; /*This is the CSS code to completely hide the element*/

10. Then save it! Then refresh the website and you're done.

If you need more help go message me directly or post additional info on your website.