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Switching to Wordpress for existing GoDaddy website

I have a godaddy site that I coded mostly in a text editor and am considering going to Wordpress.  I am having trouble getting my head around what all that entails.


Am I correct that a stand alone Mac and or linux Wordpress app where I could code offline and upload the page is an option?


When I go into "Managed Hosting" it looks like I can "+ Add Site" under "Managed Wordpress", but it doesn't look like I can do anything to the existing site to convert it to managed wordpress.  I am guessing that I can if I blow it away and start all over that will be possible, but I really don't want too much down time.


I'd appreciate a few hints to get me looking in the right direction.

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Re: Switching to Wordpress for existing GoDaddy website



Here's the general rundown... 😉


With WordPress you are pretty much starting over. Once WordPress is installed, you'll login to your WordPress dashboard and start creating your site there.  You'll add your theme, desired plugins and create your pages, posts and menus.  Tweak as desired. Pretty much no coding required.


There are a ton of themes to choose from that I am sure you'll find something you'll like that displays your data as you desire.  And the WordPress plugin repository is filled with plugins to add features and functionality to your site.


Rarely are you going to "code" with WordPress.  Generally that is only required when you are customizing establish themes or plugins and is the exception not the rule.  For themes, if you want to customize, be sure to create a child theme first -- otherwise when your theme updates, you'll lose your customization.


You can copy-n-paste your actual text from the old site into the new pages you create within WordPress.  And you shouldn't have any downtime.  You can work on your new site using the temporary URL provided with the Managed WordPress setup.  Then, when your new site is ready, you just designate your domain to that new installation, make any DNS changes necessary and you'll have a  pretty seamless switch from old to new.


HTH!  😉


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Re: Switching to Wordpress for existing GoDaddy website

Thanks.  I do have at least one thing that will probably need be hand coded, but I can probably keep it as is and link to it.  The rest will be nice to just use the gui. 

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Re: Switching to Wordpress for existing GoDaddy website

Keep in mind that WordPress is really powerful. You can also code your pages in the WordPress installation either using CSS or by using the HTML editor for pages/posts. 


You have options but, as was said above, most of the coding is handled for you with WP.

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