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Switching from HTML to Wordpress theme

Looking at purchasing a wordpress theme to replace my current html company website hosted on godaddy. My question is as soon as I install wordpress on the domain will it override my current site before I have have a chance to edit the theme to my companys information etc? If so how do I go about getting it ready before launch and not indexed until finished?
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Community Manager

Re: Switching from HTML to Wordpress theme

Hi @RyanBlake


Welcome to GoDaddy Community! Great question!


WordPress runs on PHP files for the most part. You may be able to install WordPress into the same directory as your current site, but that can get tricky. I wouldn't recommend it unless you know for sure all of your website file names and are confident that there are no matching WordPress file names. If you're interested in going that route, you can just download a copy of WordPress and unzip it on your computer, then review the files that are included. 


Alternatively, you can install WordPress in a different directory, get the site setup as you'd like it to be, then change the URL within WordPress settings. That can get tricky as well, especially if you use a complex theme or many plugins. For more information on changing the WordPress URL, take a look here


This would be a great topic for the community to chime in on. What is your favorite way to move an existing site to WordPress?


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Re: Switching from HTML to Wordpress theme

Much appreciated @JesseW, I will try the different directory method and post back if I run in to any issues. That link provides a lot of good info.

Re: Switching from HTML to Wordpress theme

As a Web Designer myself, that does build custom sites from the ground up, there is quite a bit of interest from clients to move to Wordpress over custom sites.

Its nice to see these sorts of quick hit information posts to guide along that process when switching over from a custom site to Wordpress.


Bob A