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Request for WordPress getting started instructions...

We paid a web developer set up our WordPress website because our tech skills are minimal.  She told us when she handed over the site to us that we also have an included blog page, which I found on the dashboard. She published it with gibberish in the text part where a blog post would go, just as an example. I was able to change it from "published" to "private", so it should not show up on searches, for now, but I cannot figure out how to create our posts.  My husband has written over 30 posts that he wants to backdate and publish but everything is very confusing about how to get the blog up and running.  Meta descriptions, snippets, etc. are a different language to us.  A simple to understand video, walking us through the dashboard so that we can make any changes on our WordPress website or blog page would be incredibly helpful.

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Re: Request for WordPress getting started instructions...

I'm sure that there is help for you in the Community @JB2_0 but in this thread your visibly is limited. I would suggest that you break this out into a new discussion posted in the Using WordPress forum.


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Re: Request for WordPress getting started instructions...

Hi @JB2_0


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The previous agent provided a great spot to get answers to your blogging questions in our WordPress forum. The article here may also have some helpful resource links for building out your blog. As WordPress itself is a third-party product, you can also get lots of information by going to this website





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Re: Request for WordPress getting started instructions...



I moved your post so it would get some more visibility in the correct forum. @rd & @TLH  have some good advice. Smiley Wink


While you're looking, I'd also suggest doing a simple search for free WordPress tutorials. You should also look at some paid options. You really do get what you pay for in this area. Also remember that WordPress changes all the time, so don't spend too much unless they promise quick updates to their material. 

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