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Question About Copying a WordPress Database to Another Account

I am moving my WordPress website from Godaddy Plesk for Windows, to GoDaddy Managed WordPress. I am a bit of a novice and the automated migration failed. It's a relatively small site, so I just wnat to move it manually. I am stuck on the database though. 


I created a .SQL file by exporting it in the Plesk account, and was able to successfully import it into the database on the Managed WordPress account. But I think I am missing a step because when I check, none of the posts/pages have populated. Can someone give me a clue on this? Hopefully specific directions on what I need to do to make the managed WordPress use the imported database.


Thank you

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Community Manager

Re: Question About Copying a WordPress Database to Another Account



Welcome to GoDaddy Community! Thanks for your post!


You'll probably need to make sure you've updated your database table names to match what is set up within Managed WordPress. If you just import the database, you'll end up with additional tables you don't need. One way to do that would be to open the SQL file in an editor like Notepad++ and do a search and replace. For example, if wp_123456789_ was the new prefix you would first locate the old prefix already in the SQL file then put it as the search and have the new prefix replace that. You can look at the database within phpMyAdmin to see what the table prefix is. Once you've identified the prefix, you may want to drop any existing tables and do a fresh import. Always create a backup first though Smiley Wink


Does anyone else in the community have a solution for updating database tables? 


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Re: Question About Copying a WordPress Database to Another Account

Thank you. That worked.