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Problem Using DUPLICATOR to move site so new URL in same GODADDY Hosting Plan

I am trying to copy a VERY SIMPLE BROCHURE STYLE  Wordpress site to a new URL we have.  Both being hosted in same plan on GoDaddy.


Trying to use DUPLICATOR plugin that was recommended as popular.


Does DUPLICATOR work on GODADDY?  Or, what I have done wrong here?


Because I cannot get it to work the way I think it is supposed to.


I have installed the plugin via WP dashboard on the original (source) site.  I create a new "PACKAGE" which is  one ZIP file and the INSTALLER.php


But the ZIP file has only the sql file in it and nothing else.  No files or folders from the original site.


Isn't the zip file supposed to contain the site files too like:


  1. wp-admin/
  2. wp-content/
  3. wp-includes/
  4. .htaccess
  5. index.php
  6. wp-config.php
  7. .Etc.....

I created a new Wordpress site on the target (so a new database).  I then removed all the "new" files on the target and copied just the Duplicator "Pakage" (zip and installer.php files).


I can execute the INSTALLER.php fine. It connects to the new database and everthing appears to work without failure. 


But there is nothing on the new site. There are no files from the original.  Because they are not in the ZIP file to begin with.


So, obvious question.


Why is DUPLICATOR not archiving the site into the package? 


Does DUPLICATOR work on GODADDY?  Or, what I have done wrong here?




Hello @SandyLockedon!


Thank you for posting. I don't know of anything that would cause that plugin to not work with our hosting. Have you tried just creating a new folder in your file tree and copying the files to it through FTP or file manager? 


Heather - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
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