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PageOK Error Resolved - NOT Always a DNS propagation issue

After migrating a managed word press site from one Godaddy account to another, before moving the domain, I was getting: PageOK on the 'staging' server, on the server I had just created that was a copy of the site I was moving.  (This should have been my first hint).  


In other words when I entered the IP address and the dns address of the staging site I just created, it just said PageOK even though it was supposed to be a copy of the production site I was moving.


But, being unfamiliar with the process, I figured maybe it's nothing, maybe I need to just move the DNS - Domain name service over.  


So I had the Domain removed from the production site, and then I activated it on the copy site.  Guess what? it looked the same as the staging site (what did I expect?), it just said pageok.  At this point I contacted GoDaddy support via their chat line - which I've found is usually quite good, they speak english and are usually well trained and polite.


After the support tech validated that the DNS was working OK, he told me the problem was that DNS needed to propagate and that I needed to wait 24-48 hours.


However, I've been working with DNS since 1987.  Like in ARPAnet days? I worked for DARPA.  I had to propose a plan for migrating to and to Paul Mockapetris, who knows something about DNS.  The tech support person insisted that until every server had the new IP information, our site would show pageok.  I questioned him, telling him to ask his supervisor and even asking him if he understood how DNS worked, which he assured me he did.  He said, I've worked on hundreds of pageok errors and he was sure this was the problem.


Even though I could see the proper DNS entry from my local machine and it still showed pageok, he stuck to his story about DNS propagation (Now I do understand that in many if not most cases the issue is an DNS issue, which will get resolved in 30 minutes or so).


So I waited and reviewed a site that measured propagation of DNS addresses throughout the Internet.  Indeed there were some servers in India and Malaysia that seemed to not have the proper IP information.  So the next day, when it was still not working. (Our site had been down for 12 hours at this point) I decided to look at another angle.  What if the wordpress code/plugins were broken because of the migration?  So I changed the home page, which didn't work, but when I changed the theme, it did work.  It looked awful, but it worked, it didn't show pageok, there was actually a site.


In the end, I determined our problem was that one of the plug-ins was in a funky state and needed to be turned off and back on (Deactivated and Reactivated), at that point the site came back 100% and that was it.  


So - if it's been more than 30 minutes or so and your site is still showing pageok, check your plug ins, if any of them look like they are sick, try deactivating them and turning them back on.


And shame on your GoDaddy Tech support guy.




Re: PageOK Error Resolved - NOT Always a DNS propagation issue

I just spent a day wrestling with this and can report back two things that I hope are of help to others.  


First, for some reason, DNS was pointing to a .1 IP Address.  GD had me change A record to a .15 address on the same class 3 network.  Didn't fix the problem, but made a lot of sense.


Then I saw a red warning box in my WP-Admin that said I needed to reset my site to that .15 address.  Accepting got me this message:

Important nameserver information
At your request, the following nameserver has been deleted: 


but everything now works.


Someone smarter than I can probably explain this canonical change, but bottom line - that was my problem and solution.  Hope it helps.