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My Website Shutdown before renew ends ?

Hey Everyone:


Why my website is being down without exceeding renewal of hosting?

and another thing is that if I switch from developer WordPress hosting to basic one so will it affect my website appearance or something ? will it get reset I am afraid of this one.


Thank You




Which hosting are you using?

I am assuming you are using WordPress as getting from your contents in the first question. 

What is the exact error you are getting? while visiting your website?

Are you OK here to share your domain name in public forum?


These questions need to know by everyone who would like to answer your issue. As this is user-to-user forum and here users are helping each other. 


Hosting: Ultimate Wordpress Hosting

Error: HTTP500



Thank You For Replying @eddilink

Hi there @PcProber,

Looks like your website is up and running now! It would be helpful to other GoDaddy customers if you'd come back and share what you did to get your site all set. Thanks much!


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For updating from WordPress version 4.9.5 to 4.9.6 they shut down my website for it.
Nothing Else