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Help with Subdomains and Wordpress

I am a Wordpress newbie and not very technically literate - inherited a Wordpress site when I joined my current nonprofit employer. I want to set up a subdomain then I want to install a different WordPress template on the subdomain from the one used on our main site ( in the example I used above).

1. Can I do this with a Wordpress account hosted by GoDaddy?

2. If I can, can someone point me in the right direction? I've tried using the GoDaddy help, this site, and chatting and still hit dead ends.


Unfortunately hiring help isn't an option. We are a tiny nonprofit and before me the site sat unmaintained for 2 years. Not a big nonprofit and they thought they could build the site then never touch it again (yikes) so I have no budget for expert help right now.


Thanks for any direction you can offer.

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Re: Help with Subdomains and Wordpress



Depends on what type of WordPress hosting your site is on...


With cPanel hosting, yes, you can have subdomains and multiple installations. Info here.


Managed WordPress would require an additional Managed WordPress account as Managed hosting accounts are per installation -- and you need two separate WordPress installations to do what you describe.  (If you were on the Ultimate plan -- that includes 2 installations so you would be good!)


If you still have questions -- let me know! 😉


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Re: Help with Subdomains and Wordpress

Thank you , Muse.  I spent 30 minutes on support chat with GoDaddy to be told I COULD NOT do what you describe below. We do have managed Wordpress so I now know I cant setup the subdomain but was happy to do a second site. They told me I couldn't and tried to charge me for a whole new site instead of the 2 we are supposed to have with our account.


I'm just moving forward with another plan and counting the days until I can move our site away from GoDaddy.


I do truly appreciate your help and response!

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Re: Help with Subdomains and Wordpress

I'm going to be honest here and say stay away from ANY Managed WordPress platform or shared hosting. GoDaddy has a good MWP offering but I find it limiting.


Your best bet for the best performance for your money would be to use one of the Business Hosting plans. It is well worth the money. You get the power/resources of a VPS with none of the server administration. You're not on a shared server (technically). You can add a lot of sites or a few very big ones.


It really is GoDaddy's best hosting platform, IMO.

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