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Detect user Location to apply Filter

I would like my website to auto-detect the location of visitors using GPS and use that to take them to a specific page or filter option.  It seems Wordpress has such features, but I'm not clear how to set them up.  Can anyone help?


Re: Detect user Location to apply Filter



I was able to turn up a few plugins from a quick google search using the phrase

"detect location of visitor and redirect plugin"


I don't have personal experience with these plugins but here are a few examples that appear to provide the functionality you are looking for:



Mike L. | WebPro

Re: Detect user Location to apply Filter

Thank you Michael.  My intent was not to re-direct, but to narrow down the scope of the user's search.  I also found this listing which may be useful to others :

But whenever there are multiple options, we have extra work to choose the right one 🙂