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Delete Root Folders Managed Wordpress

I am running Godaddy Managed Wordpress, i wished to reinstall wordpress, forbi believed my some files to be corrupted. As it is obvious reseting my wordpress would lead to data loss. I downloaded wordpress from and decided to delete existing folders of wp-admin and wp-includes and leave wp-content as it is.


This would keep my data there and i would delete any other corrupt files, i had already tried conflict test on plugins and themes so corrupt file was not in wp-content.


Problem was that with FTP i could not delete my wp-includes and wp-admin folder. It stated that i did not have permissions. So i renamed them to something and added new files in their place. My site started to function again.


But i still knew that there were some corrupt files that were renamed. And also they were taking space.


So my question is how can i delete folders of wp-includes or wp-admin dont say resetung wordpress, as that is a headache

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Re: Delete Root Folders Managed Wordpress

Hi @Adityamilyin,


One of the considerations is that you are running on a managed WordPress hosting platform. This platform was meant to truly be managed in a very restricted, controlled environment. Many of the directory functions that you would normally have on a server that is cpanel based are not available within the managed WordPress platform. That is just the nature of any managed WordPress hosting, GoDaddy or anyone else.


In this particular situation if you believe that your data is valid and reliable, try exporting your data from the database, creating a new WordPress installation on your managed WordPress platform, and then importing your data back into a clean installation.


In the event that you would like to have more control over how the server is set up and WordPress is configured then I highly recommend the business hosting package. I have used it and am extremely pleased with the performance and capabilities of Wordpress on that platform.


Sorry that you might think this is a headache. However, most WordPress problems do indeed turn into headaches.


Hope this helps,


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Re: Delete Root Folders Managed Wordpress

Thanks Bud! Helped me out