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Cannot upload photo into Wordpress website

I cannot upload a photo to an existing Wordpress website.  I get an http error. The photo or something eventually displays in the media library - but shows as a gray rectangle. If I try to edit it - the photo displays, but it tells me the image data is not available.  It will not insert into a page.


Wordpress version is 4.9 and all plugins are updated. 

Advocate VII

Hi @Jaycita,


How big is the photo?  What is the photo's source (camera, download, etc.)?Sometimes when you are uploading a large photo (1MB), you can run into resource problems if you are on a small managed wp or cPanel plan.  There are several good threads throughout the community on memory/resource allocation in WP.


Keep in mind image loading is a huge reason web pages slow down.  You might consider a plugin like WP Smush to optimize your images.  Its by far the best image optimizer I've discovered.


Hope this helps,


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