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Add a Web Application

Hi, All

I am ready to tear my hair out! I hope someone can help.

I'm trying to add a web application to my wordpress site. All the support postings tell me to use buttons that I just can't find in my dashboard (popular apps? where is that!?).

I'm not a developer of any sort, so I'm sure my lack of knowledge is the problem.

I've loaded all the files using a file upload widget - which was a real joy, given the size limits.

I thought maybe the problem was that I already have Wordpress running, so I decided to maybe delete it. But I couldn't find the buttons they described in the help area.


Here's what my app builder says to do. Any thoughts on how to proceed are very helpful! 


Open Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager on the web server.

Create a new Application Pool in IIS.

Create a new Website in IIS using the Folder and Application Pool created in the previous steps.

Grant Modify permissions on the App_Data folder for the Application Pool you setup in the previous steps.
a. Right-click on the App_Data folder and select Edit Permissions.
b. Click on the Edit button on the App_Data Properties dialog.

Click on the Add button on the Permissions for App_Data dialog.
d. Enter IIS AppPool\YOURAPPLICATIONPOOLNAME in the text box and then click the OK button

Select the Application Pool from the Permissions App_Data dialog and then click on the check box next to Modify.
f.Click on the OK button for each dialog until all the dialogs are closed.
8. You're all done! Open a browser and navigate to http://YOURUNIQUEDOMAINNAME.


Re: Add a Web Application

Those instructions sound like they are for adding the web app to your own Windows server. I doubt they'll apply to goDaddy as you usually don't have access to anything that low level.


I've only used the linux hosting here, so am not sure what the windows hosting grants you, but doubt it gives direct access to IIS. 


You can usually find "Popular Apps" by clicking on "Manage" on your hosting account. 


Re: Add a Web Application

Thanks. I moved everything over to Plesk, which seems like the right place. Just struggling to figure out the next steps since -- you're right -- these instructions will only work with an on-prem server. 

Argh. It's too hot for this today...

Helper V

Re: Add a Web Application

You did not specify what type of hosting you are using. Apparently (I am not sure) shared hosting allows only one Application Pool and probably does not allow other required configuration. You might be able to do it if you have a plan with a dedicated host. I don't know if GoDaddy has special procedures for installing applications into shared plans. You might ask the plugin provider if it is possible to install it into a shared hosting plan.


Re: Add a Web Application

Thanks, Sam. 

I changed my account so I have dedicated hosting, using Plesk.

So now my developer gives me this:


Special Hosting Instructions

  • Deploy the website as a new website in IIS with its own AppPool.
  • Give "modify" permissions to the AppPool for the "App_Data" folder. (This will allow the application to write to the folder)
  • There is no database configuration necessary. All data is stored in JSON files in the App Data folder.

so...yeah. I'm still monkeying with it since I can't get him on the phone.

Helper V

Re: Add a Web Application

I am only barely familiar with IIS so hopefully someone else can help.


I tried uploading an image but the upload either was not working or was taking too long.


If you are able to execute the IIS Manager then I think you need to right-click "Sites" in the left side them "Add Website...". You will need to enter a site name, a physical path and a host name. You should get that from your programmer. It might make things easier if you create the application pool first.