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SSL certificate renewed - do I need to download / install new?


I'm sure this question has been asked but after multiple searches, I don't feel 100% comfortable that I know the answer. 

Last year I purchased and installed an SSL certificate. The site is not hosted on GoDaddy. I installed through CPanel where my site is hosted.

My certificate just auto-renewed and the expiry date in my GoDaddy account is in October 2019.

The email I received said "click here to download and install" but it takes me to a page that says "Certificate issued" and expires in Oct. 2019. 

The certificate IS set to auto-renew but domain is not hosted by GoDaddy.


What do I need to do?

Thank you for your help!



The domain was registered through GoDaddy as well.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Re: SSL certificate renewed - do I need to download / install new?

Renewing an SSL is a multi part process, starting with making the renewal payment.  Once the SSL renewal payment has been processed, the new SSL Certificate will need to be requested, verified and then installed on the hosting server.  If you are hosting with GoDaddy, we can automatically install the updated certificate for you.  If you are hosting with a third party, you will need to manually install the SSL onto the server.


Please review the following instructions for renewing an SSL:

You can see instructions for installing a new or renewed certificate here: