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SSL Only works when I type "https://" before the link

I already installed my SSL certificate but I can only see the secure word and green link when I type "https://" before the link. If I type my domain without it, my browser says it's not a secure site. Why does this happen?


Re: SSL Only works when I type "https://" before the link

Typing "https://" tells your browser to go to the website from another port on the server side. If you don't type "https://" then your browser most likely is hiding the "http://" part but it is there. Using "http://" uses port 80 which is the most common port for website browsing and port 443 is the most common for secure websites. You just telling your browser which way to go. A lot of the time the non-secure version will redirect to the secure version. You can see this happen on the main domain which will redirect to the one I want you to see. Even my will redirect under that SSL.