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How to Get SHA2.spc file to generate .pfx certificate

Hi GoDaddy team,


I have purchased Standard SSL Certificate and have to generate .pfx file to connect SSL cert (to another hosted website : IIS 8.5 web server)

I am following steps mentioned in below documentation link  and one of the steps says that download and import file SHA2.spc

Step 4: Open the ZIP file and move the file that ends in SHA2.spc to an accessible location.


Step 1: I have generated csr file from new laptop and imported that in my domain SSL cert as mentioned in this link :

Step 2: I have downloaded SSL cert zip file from my account and can only 3 file types: xx.crt, xx.pem and xx.p7b.  I cannot find any SHA2.spc file


Any suggestion to get this file or any step which i have missed ?